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Stockgrowers State Bank

Debit Cards

Stockgrowers State Bank VISA® Debit Card

Checkless checking with your Stockgrowers State Bank VISA® Debit Card is convenient & easy. No need to worry about checks or credit card bills. Use your Stockgrowers State Bank VISA® Debit Card just like a check for cash, transfer funds, balance inquiries & purchases 24 hours a day. Once your transaction is complete, the money is automatically deducted from your account & will show on your monthly bank statement. You can easily monitor your account activity with your Online Banking.

Safely shop from the comfort of your own home with these tips:
  • Use a reputable website while making purchases
  • Secure websites will begin with https: and will have a padlock symbol
  • Create secure passwords that include symbols and capital & lower case letters
  • Remember, money is withdrawn directly from your account. 
Traveling any time soon? Please be sure to notify us of your upcoming travel plans, and verify that we have your current contact information on file (especially your cell phone #), in the case of suspected fraudulent activity, and remember to take along alternative method of payment for emergency purposes.

With Stockgrowers State Bank VISA® Debit Card, you may access your account(s) at any ATM bearing the STAR and/or PLUS logo. 
Please call 800-523-4175 after hours to report a lost or stolen card.

IMPORTANT information about Stockgrowers State Bank FRAUD center:

In the event that the FRAUD center suspects that you have one or more suspicious or out-of-the-ordinary transactions with your debit card, the FRAUD center will attempt to reach you by email, SMS texting and/or calling your telephone number on file.  NOTE:  Please read and confirm if the transaction(s) in question are fraudulent or valid. Not replying could allow fraud to continue on your account, or your card to be blocked even if transactions are yours.  
Can't find your card? You may check our Lost/Stolen Cards page for information on how to block your card, and a printable FRAUD WORKSHEET  to use for a helpful guide that contains a list of numbers to call to alert contacts for your protection. 
* Visa® is a registered trademark of Visa U.S.A, Inc.